SPECIALIZING in Sleeves, Backpieces, Body-suits

Chris started as an apprentice with us back in 2019 and has put in the work to bring his skills on paper to skin.  In the olden days, he primarily used Prismacolor Pencils to create a variety of different pieces mostly focusing on Photorealism but also trying to draw in any style he could.  In his spare time he enjoys many things, but most often you can find him at a brewery with his iPad and his dog, Groot.  
Chris hasn’t been in the game long enough to have any particular style, really he just likes to make stuff that looks dope.  The subject matter he enjoys drawing most are:  women, filigree, and animals.  With every tattoo he has two ultimate goals:  
1)  To give his clients a clean, badass tattoo and
2) That the client gets a piece they will love for a long time to come. 
He’s got a journey ahead of him, but one long-term goal of his is to work on large-scale projects (Sleeves, Backpieces, Body-suits, etc.)  He hopes to use the scale of these pieces to play with and push the envelope of how a tattoo can transform the body and take the viewer to another dimension.