Jess Setchel

Piercing expertise

The piercing department at Asylum Studios in Roanoke, Va prides itself on the extensive knowledge and skill of its piercing staff. At the head of the piercing staff is department Director/lead Piercer, Jes Setchel. Jes began her piercing apprenticeship while also working on a major in psychology, minor in sociology, and concentration in world religion at Roanoke college. Body piercing and adornment have been her passion and art for over 16 years.

Body shot Jess Hoover

Before making her home at Asylum Studios 11 years ago she was privileged to have worked at a few studios in Virginia throughout her career. These experiences opened the opportunity for her to study with and work among some of the most knowledgeable and creative in the industry. Lacking the traditional guidance from a sponsor during her apprenticeship Jess is primarily self-taught and learned very quickly that Piercing, like all arts, is an ongoing education. Had a very young age the collection of body art and body Piercing/modifications fascinated Jes. The art of placement and anatomical variety, the science and evolution of the human body and its functioned or reaction to new exposures, and the psychology of calming and enriching a clients experience, and the variety of creativity of the beautiful Jewelry adornments she’s privileged to play with are her favorite aspects of her career. It’s through her extensive and continuous research and study in all methods of practice and body piercing in modification, microbiology, sterilization and cross-contamination prevention.

 Jes believes there’s always something changing in the piercing industry. Whether  it be piercing methods or techniques, jewelry or instrument design, troubleshooting alternatives and aftercare practices/products there is ALWAYS something to learn.  “You’ve  never done too many, you’ve never seen enough, and you never stop learning.”