Emma Pruitt: Tattoo Apprentice

Emma Pruitt has been a tattoo apprentice at Asylum Studios since may of 2022, but started her tattooing journey in 2020. She was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia and has had a passion for art and music since she was a child, specifically drawing and singing. Before she entered the tattoo industry she worked in health care and taught herself how to tattoo in her spare time. She decided to leave the healthcare field and take the next step into her tattoo career by joining Asylum Studios as a tattoo apprentice studying under the owner Daniel Jones and his wife Jett Jones. She learns new things every day and is strengthening her skills. Emma loves to challenge herself with different styles and techniques. Although she doesn’t have a specialty, she does beautiful floral work and enjoys tattooing animals and characters as well. She has a natural ability and will continue to get better with each piece of art she does.